L❤️ve at First Sight 👀

meeting a stranger

Everyone is looking for love but what about the dangerous realm of love at first sight, does it really exist? Most people in their right mind will of course be cautious here but at the same time they would more than likely admit and arrive at the conclusion that it really does exist – but then again, is this just wishful thinking?! Continue reading “L❤️ve at First Sight 👀”

A Time for Everything and a Time to Love!❤️

A time for love

Simple Truth

People say that there is a time and a place for everything but the best times are the times when it’s time to love. Love should always be a theme going through everybody’s life and all roads should lead to Rome and your Rome should always be love. Others say that it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all whereas others might say that it’s better to have not known love than to have loved and never to love again. Further to this, there are others again that might say:

Continue reading “A Time for Everything and a Time to Love!❤️”

You can change the World! 🌏



If sometimes you’re discouraged with the world & the way it is, don’t give up! We can accomplish some real good in this poor, sad, old world of ours by helping people find joy, happiness & Salvation in Jesus! You personally can start to change the world by planting the seeds of the Truth of God’s Love one by one, in heart by heart, day by day, wherever you may be, like tiny little buds at first, just insignificant little green shoots. What is that to the forest that’s needed? Well, it’s the beginning of the miracle of new life! So why not try it? If you have changed one life by the power of God’s Love you have changed a part of the world! If you have even changed just your own life you’ve changed a whole universe, the sphere in which you live! And you have proven that there is hope that it can all be changed! If one life can be changed, it shows that it’s possible for more lives to be changed, & the world can be changed, starting with just one person – may be you! Continue reading “You can change the World! 🌏”